Bulletin Board Policy

Bulletin Board Policy

Adopted August 22, 2012

The Waterford Township Free Public Library may provide public bulletin boards for the posting of community activities and events of an educational, cultural or informational nature sponsored by non-profit organizations and as space permits. 

The amount and type of space for this purpose depends on the library’s own agenda.  Authorization will be based on the provisions of this policy and will not be based upon the viewpoint or beliefs expressed in the materials.  Acceptance of a notice or poster does not imply endorsement by the library of either the group or the cause it promotes.

 The following rules will apply:

  1. Designated library staff must approve all notices, posters, brochures, etc.

  2. Only library staff can post or remove notices.  The Board of Directors authorizes the Director or designee to establish, monitor and revise guidelines to manage the use of the display areas by groups and individuals.

  3. Materials left for distribution without authorization will be discarded.

  4. Waterford Township Public Library does not accept responsibility for stolen, damaged or lost notices.  Library staff does not provide security for items left in the display areas.

  5. Priority will be given to library, affiliated organizations, government and school district notices. 

  6. Notices other than those identified in #5 are posted for a maximum of 30 days and will be discarded at the end of that time.  Notices will be dated by the distributor before they can be posted.  Notices regarding events will be discarded once the date of the event has passed. Depending on demand for use of display spaces, notices may be removed before 30 days have elapsed without prior notice.

  7. Oversized posters may be rejected because of space limitations.

  8. No collection boxes will be accepted without the Director’s approval.

  9. The following will not be posted:

  • partisan political notices or campaign literature

  • religious tracts

  • business solicitations

  • personal ads

  • babysitting notices

  • garage and other sales

  1. Handwritten notices will not be posted.

  2. Priority will be given to materials from our local area.

  3. The library reserves the right to determine the frequency with which material may be posted for the same group or individual.

  4. The library intends the display space to be inclusive and reserves the right to limit multiple copies of publications intended for public distribution or placed by any individual. 

  5. Some publications accepted for distribution may have ads if the content of the publication is predominately cultural, community-oriented, educational or supportive of the library’s mission.

  6. Petitioning, surveying, solicitation, canvassing or similar types of appeals by members of the public are not allowed inside library buildings.