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Bedtime Math Available for both iPhone/iPad and Android. Click for a daily math problem, a surprise math problem, or any math problem in their archive, which you can browse. Hidden answers, swooshing stars, and friendly sound effects make this the best math app for bedtime or anytime!

  ABC a Go-Go by Tap Tap Slide for the iPhone, iPad, and Android uses familiar images to teach your child his or her ABCs.  The app includes the ABC Song and ABC’s Vehicles.  Tap on the letter or logo and hear a friendly voice pronounce them.  Your child will have fun recognizing the alphabet and pronouncing the names of favorite vehicles.  Free

  ABC Alphabet Puzzle for Kids Lite from Codegent (Kizzu Learn & Play) for the iPhone, iPad, and Android is a fun app designed for kids ages 1-6.  Children can learn new words through the use of jigsaw puzzles.  A child can drag the pieces of an image to fill out a picture of an animal.  This app will also teach children how to spell out words.  Free

Alien Buddies- Preschool Learning Activities by Artig Studio for the iPhone and iPad is a puzzle matching game that is designed for ages 3-7.  These games build fundamental skills like color recognition, sequential counting, and development of fine motor skills.  Other skills include number recognition and upper and lower case letter recognition.  $1.99

  Animal World – Peekaboo Play & Learn from Moo Moo Lab LLC for the iPhone and iPad is a multilingual app designed for preschoolers, toddlers and babies to learn new animal names.  This interactive game allows children to learn the names of animals and their sounds.  The app includes three interactive peekaboo with different scenes.  It also include three bonus educational games (Coloring, Puzzles, Find Me Game).  The app has a child safety feature:  The Parents Folders have a lock feature and there are no email buttons or internet links easily accessible to children.  Free

Baby First Words Lite by INBAL Tal for the iPhone and iPad mixes education and entertainment through familiar figures that cross the screen, each representing a particular theme. When the displayed figure is pressed, its name will be pronounced and your baby will understand the concept of action and reaction. Likewise, it allows your child to expand his or her vocabulary.  Familiar themes include animals and fruits & vegetables.  Free

  Candy Count by Camigo Media LLC for the iPhone or iPad is a fun interactive way to teach your child to count.  Children get to sort and count candy as they put it into jars, so they visually learn how to count.  Interactive questions help children learn the concepts of number comparisons such as “less or more.”  The app also offers multiple languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and English. Free

  Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts Inc. for  the iPhone or iPad is a fun app for kids to learn their ABCs and build vocabulary. The friendly monsters will help kids learn through interactive puzzles that feature talking letters and animated illustrations of definitions.  “Before you know it, your child will be using words like gargantuan and cooperate!”  Since the app was designed with children in mind, there are no high scores, failures, or limits that can put stress on children as they learn.  Kids can interact with the app at their own pace.  Note: Some words may be too advanced for preschoolers.  Free

  JiGi’s Jigsaw Animals by Codegent (Kizzu Learn & Play) for the iPhone and iPad is a jigsaw puzzle game that is suitable for all ages.  Kids can learn about animals as they complete the puzzles and unlock newer and harder levels.  Features include four themed worlds: Jungle Trek, Deep Blue Sea, Iceberg Hike, and Desert Drive.  There is a hint function to help you complete a puzzle and a list of achievements to complete.  Free

Kids ABC Letters Lite by Intellijoy for the iPhone, iPad, and Android helps younger children (3-7) to learn the names and appearance of letters.  Children can tap on the letters to see if they’ve gotten the names right. The Forming Letters game allows children to slide puzzle pieces into place and Recognizing Letters involves catching fish with letters on them. Identifying Letters in Context teaches children to recognize letters as they appear in words.  This app focuses on the names of letters rather than their sounds. Free (Note: The free version only contains letters A-H)

  Little Charley Bear by Studio Liddell for the iPhone, iPad, and Android lets preschoolers join Charley Bear and his friends from the TV program on adventure games such as “Up Up and Away!” “Safari,” “Racing,” and “Circus.” The app features clips and music from the program. Free

  Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP Games for the iPhone, iPad, and Android is a collection of seven educational games for preschoolers (ages 2-5).  These games teach kids about colors, counting, shapes, letters, sizes, matching and differences as kids help the monkeys pack their lunches.  99¢ for the iPhone and iPad & $1.99 for Android

  PBS Kids Video and PBS Parents Play & Learn by PBS KIDS for the iPhone, iPad, and Android is PBS’ first app designed for parents.  It features more than a dozen games that parents can play with their kids, with each game centered on familiar locations like the kitchen or car.  Each game contains a note for the parents that discusses what skills are being applied. The app also contains a bilingual feature. Free

  PEEP and the Big Wide World by WGBH Digital for the iPhone, iPad, and Android offers Peep, Quack, Chirp and friends in six apps from the television series.  The apps include: PEEP Quack’s Apples, PEEP Hide and Peep, PEEP Paint Splat, PEEP Trash Stash, PEEP Sounds like Fun, and PEEP House HuntNote: Each app must be downloaded separately.  Free

  Play123 by CJ Educations for the iPhone, and iPad is a learning app where kids can play with shapes, colors and numbers.  By challenging their imagination, kids can learn about shapes, colors, and numbers.  In addition, they get to use their eyes, hands, and ears as they move the shapes around on the pad. The interface is very kid friendly and the instructions are easy to follow. Free

  Read Me Stories: Kid’s Books by 8Interactive Limited for the iPhone, iPad, and Android offers a new book every day, which encourages your child’s love of reading.  The books are for ages 4 and up.  Since a new book is added each day, your child will be constantly challenged.  Free

  Sprout Games & Video by PBS KIDS Sprout for the iPhone, iPad, or Android is the “on the go” mobile app that allows you and your preschooler to enjoy the interactive fun of  You can watch the Sprout clips via the video player.  The app also features new games, Lotsa Pops  and Picture Maker, all with your favorite Sprout characters.  You can also find out the show times of your favorite Sprout programs. Free

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