All Children Are Special


The Waterford Township School District provides a Preschool Disabilities Program for children aged three to five*

who are delayed or disabled in the areas of learning, speech and language development, cognitive ability,

fine or gross motor skills, and social or emotional maturity.

Difficulties may be seen in: Talking, Feeding, Seeing, Health, Hearing, Behavior,

Movement Coordination, Getting along with others.

If you are a Waterford Township resident and have a three to five year old child with difficulties in any of these areas, please contact:

Pupil Personnel Services Department

Waterford Township Public Schools

1106 Old White Horse Pike

Waterford, NJ 08089

(856)-7683957 (Ext. 3018)

For more information, visit The Waterford Township School District website.

*Free appropriate programs and services are available for all eligible students ages 3-21 through your local school district.

Information about eligibility requirements, programs and services may be obtained through the Waterford Township Pupil Personnel Services Department.

Information on services for developmentally delayed children under the age of three, who may be eligible for Early Intervention Services may also be obtained through Waterford Township Pupil Personnel Services Department

and by calling the New Jersey Early Intervention System at 1-888-653-4463.