About Our Library

Vision Statement

“In a perfect world….every citizen of Waterford Township would have use of a fully accessible facility that provides adequate space for current and future library programs and services, including state of the art technology, as well as convenient off-street parking."


Waterford Township Public Library (WTPL) is a small municipal library, which serves the Township of Waterford.  As reported in the 2010 Census the total population is 10,649. The library had 6,055 members at the end of December 2011, according to the Director’s report: Statistic Totals for 2011.

WTPL was established by public referendum in November 1964.  The Board of Trustees, as a governing body, was formed in 1966.

About that time, the original Atco School building on Front Street was decommissioned as an educational facility. The structure was repurposed as the township’s municipal building. As a result, the previous municipal building at 2204 Atco Avenue became available for use as a library. The free public library officially opened on November 22nd, 1966, and has remained at this site.                          


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Waterford Township Public Library is to provide information services on a free and equitable basis to all individuals and groups in the community.  Though established as a general, multi-purpose library, the Waterford Township Public Library strives to coordinate other sources of information and ideas, avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, and fill in gaps in the intellectual resources available.

To support and encourage citizen participation in the life of the library, the Board of Trustees establishes the following objectives:

  1. To provide citizens and public officials with information on public issues and to promote the use of the Library as an information and referral center.
  1. To serve the whole person by providing resources which meet each person’s educational, cultural, and recreational needs.
  1. To serve children by providing an environment conductive to exploration, enrichment and learning.
  1. To encourage lifelong learning through the selection of materials and the design of services geared to citizen interests.
  1. To inform residents about the services the Library offers, and to educate the public on the effective use of Library resources.